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TomTom and Webfleet

TomTom and Webfleet in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

TomTom and Webfleet in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Customer satisfaction thrives or disappears if you can’t deliver the right goods and services within increasingly tight timeframes. At the same time, you need to juggle costs, resources, vehicles, and locations that are literally all over the map. Communication between your planning department and drivers is critical – with TomTom and Webfleet in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations you can have it all!

TomTom and Webfleet make up the world’s leading navigation software, so it made good sense for HiGH Software to build an integration into DynaRent that lets you choose when and how you want to implement with the complete DynaRent Integration with TomTom and Webfleet.

And if you’re dealing with transport for equipment rental and services, it makes good sense to effortlessly combine DynaRent capabilities with TomTom. You’ll ensure accurate coordination and execution for all your delivery tasks. Planners can coordinate and generate end-to-end orders that land directly on drivers’ mobile devices. Your back office and drivers can work collaboratively in real time, thanks to full integration across DynaRent, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (and Dynamics AX), and Webfleet. From route optimization to analyzing fuel usage, TomTom helps you improve efficiency, performance, and customer and employee satisfaction.

TomTom and Webfleet in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations


Today’s most common challenges in the transport industry are:


Reduce paper trails for delivery


Connect planners and drivers 24/7


Bridge ERP and mobile app gaps


Work easily with third-party carriers


Monitor driving conditions and redirect drivers on the spot


Use TomTom data to analyze costs, fuel usage, driver performance


Quickly adjust schedules and locations without confusing drivers


Allocate deliveries with insight using complete overviews of fleet activity


Keep customers updated about delivery status

Functional Areas

TomTom Integration for DynaRent: Top Capabilities

Back-Office Integration with DynaRent

ERP integration with Webfleet makes TomTom a native extension of the graphical planning dashboard in DynaRent, which is fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics.


Mobile Integration

Drivers receive TomTom delivery orders on their preferred mobile devices. TomTom also integrates fully with DynaRent Mobile as part of a complete field service solution.


Graphical Planning

Planners using TomTom in DynaRent have a complete view of transport tasks and available resources. They can quickly assemble transport tasks into routes, then drag-and-drop the route onto a resource. Delivery orders are automatically created, including internal pick-and-pack orders. When the order is released, it’s sent to the assigned drivers’ mobile device.


Driver Information Views

TomTom ensures that delivery orders include addresses, dynamic route instructions, dates and times, notes specific to equipment and customers, and more.


Real-Time Execution and Two-Way Communication

As soon as a driver initiates a delivery task, they’re connected in real time with the planning department. The graphical transport board updates automatically with color cues and status alerts. Drivers and planners can communicate via instant message about delays and issues. Planners have a full view of traffic conditions and can send drivers alternate routes proactively, saving time, headaches, and fuel costs.


Fleet Overviews

The fleet manager tool can provide a graphical overview of all trucks and their locations, improving planning insight and efficiency for both standard and ad-hoc deliveries.


Hours Registration

Drivers can register extended hours using TomTom on their mobile device. All information is sent instantly to DynaRent in Dynamics.


24/7 Customer Updates

At any time, customers can request and receive details about transport status, expected arrival and pickup times, delays, and other information as needed. Advanced options such as Geofencing also are available for integration.


Paperless Processes and Documents

Speed execution and eliminate lost or scattered information. TomTom digital records sync automatically with records in Microsoft Dynamics.


Signature Capture

Drivers can record customer signatures directly on their device, ensuring your back office knows equipment delivery has been accepted.


Photo Capture

The latest TomTom devices enable drivers to capture digital photos of deliveries, so your back office can immediately register and follow up on any damages or issues.
Records Capture for Reporting

DynaRent stores all TomTom information for analysis that gives you actionable insight into:

  • Agreed and actual delivery/pickup times
  • Travel times between tasks
  • Driving behavior
  • Fuel usage
  • Actual working times
  • Actual break times
  • Actual and invoiced transport costs

Key Benefits

DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics
Unified Innovation

  • 1. Work with graphical, interactive overviews of all equipment across locations
  • 2. Improve service efficiency with proactive insight
  • 3. Send and receive data and workflows anywhere, on any device
  • 4. Ensure timely, accurate execution with graphical planning tools
  • 5. Equip employees for excellence with role-based data and intuitive UI
  • 6. Speed implementation and setup with DynaRent and Dynamics integration
  • 7. Collaborate 24/7 and expand IT channels with open-platform integration
  • 8. Quickly create reports and analyses that help your equipment-driven business
  • 9. Incorporate the Internet of Things and transform efficiency and utilization
  • 10. Eliminate paper trails and errors with automated communications management
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