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Equipment Driven Business Intelligence
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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence. Get proactive about equipment utilization

Equipment Driven Business Intelligence

Equipment Driven Business Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, we’re reaching the point where there’s no limit to the insight businesses can gather—the challenges for equipment-driven businesses is how to ensure the data is relevant. You want to ensure customers that they’re working with equipment and services that are backed by rigorous lifecycle management. Your front and back office are working in real time to assess opportunities, financials, and operations so that you optimize equipment usage and service efficiencies. Rental, leasing, and services industries from construction to retail tools to car dealerships must look constantly at customer and business trends. These are just a few of the many areas where equipment-driven companies need meaningful ways to work with IT innovations like Big Data, data analytics, cloud analytics, and mobile technologies such as the Internet of Things.

DynaRent Power BI enables you to work with focused, proactive insight using structured data collections that target industry-specific, equipment driven needs. DynaRent is future-facing business intelligence software tailored for your business. It will give you the business intelligence tools your company needs. You can create standard or custom reports and analyses based on pre-configured data that’s drawn from virtually any source. Role-based, graphical KPIs let users drill from global to granular views of equipment, operations, and finance. You’ll be able to predict and optimize utilization, service, or equipment purchase and selling by combining any analytic factors you need. And you’ll work effortlessly with your preferred reporting tools—Microsoft Power bi, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance for Operations and Dynamics AX, Excel, and third-party software. DynaRent Equipment Driven BI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations makes all that possible, and gives you visibility into trends that point to new revenue streams for your equipment-driven industries.

Equipment Driven Business Intelligence


DynaRent delivers insight critical to business health at all levels:


Combine global to granular insight about equipment financials and operations


Identify ways to improve service efficiency and quality 24/7


Incorporate IoT to monitor usage, condition, performance, trends


Put cloud analytics on solid ground with focused data collection


Build reports based on data that targets your equipment-driven needs


Expand BI reach with ability to work with preferred formats and tools


Fuel “management by exception” with role-based KPIs and quick drill-back

Functional Areas

DynaRent BI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX

Equipment utilization

Make smart decisions about performance, relocation, sub-hire, buying/selling, and more. Examples of reports you can create for both serialized and bulk equipment include utilization rate for:

  • Equipment groups by specific time periods
  • All equipment within a specific legal entity
  • Individual equipment items and parts

Rental finance

Analyze well-organized equipment financial information, such as equipment purchase cost, rental revenue, and rental cost price. Examples of reports you can create include:

  • Monthly rental revenue per machine or equipment group
  • Rental revenue for different levels of your fleet
  • Margin analysis (Rental revenue/Rental cost price)
  • Daily equipment cost price (Initial purchase costs/Yearly service costs

Service and maintenance

Gain full insight into timing and needs for equipment repair and scrapping, service and maintenance costs, and even predictive maintenance. Examples of reports include:

  • 360° overviews for equipment maintenance
  • Number of breakdowns for a specific group of machines
  • Labor hours invested in servicing specific machines or equipment groups
  • Costs for spare parts used to repair specific machines or equipment groups


DynaRent BI lives in the Microsoft Dynamics database and works seamlessly with DynaRent, Dynamics 365 for Operations, and Dynamics AX. Predefined logic and cubes eliminate the need to search for data that could come from thousands of tables in Dynamics. You can also connect with legacy systems, existing analyses, and virtually any data source, on premise or in the cloud.


Industry-Specific Analyses

Use your preferred BI tools to quickly create custom reports. Analytics specific to equipment rental, leasing, and services that previously took hours, even days to prepare can be generated in minutes for daily use by management and employees. Back-office decision makers can create reports that analyze enterprise-wide performance and pinpoint areas for growth or change.


Third-Party BI Tools

DynaRent BI cubes and business logic work seamlessly with tools such as QlikView, Targit, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Power BI.


Microsoft Power BI

Create standard Power BI reports that are specific to equipment rental, leasing, and service. Working directly in Microsoft Dynamics, DynaRent users can create richly visual reports with drill-down into details. From monitoring daily depot operations to measuring and comparing worldwide performance, you can create role-tailored analyses and publish them to sources such as Microsoft SharePoint for quick access and automatic updates.


Financial Performance Analysis

DynaRent BI collects, combines, and analyzes data from diverse sources to give you complete insight into all angles of financial performance. You can create a single view of whatever financial data you want to see, from summary statement to account-level details.


Fleet Management Analysis

Create equipment performance reports for rentals and service across depots and countries. Create intuitive overviews and drill-downs for internal and third-party equipment fleets, so that you can plan and execute allocation and re-allocation with insight and efficiency.


Flexible Design for Diverse Needs

HiGH software works closely with partners and customers to ensure DynaRent BI package meets specific needs for equipment rental, leasing, and services. Our flexible design also allows your IT staff to tailor cubes and logic to your preferences.


Key Benefits

DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics
Unified Innovation

  • 1. Work with graphical, interactive overviews of all equipment across locations
  • 2. Improve service efficiency with proactive insight
  • 3. Send and receive data and workflows anywhere, on any device
  • 4. Ensure timely, accurate execution with graphical planning tools
  • 5. Equip employees for excellence with role-based data and intuitive UI
  • 6. Speed implementation and setup with DynaRent and Dynamics integration
  • 7. Collaborate 24/7 and expand IT channels with open-platform integration
  • 8. Quickly create reports and analyses that help your equipment-driven business
  • 9. Incorporate the Internet of Things and transform efficiency and utilization
  • 10. Eliminate paper trails and errors with automated communications management
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