Asset Management Software for equipment-driven rental
Asset Management Software
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Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software for equipment-driven rental, services, and dealerships

DynaRent Asset Management Software

Whether your focus is on equipment rental and services or you work in an equipment dealer niche, you need asset management software that can handle all sorts of requirements. From initial purchase through final sale or scrap, you may need to register and manage both bulk and serialized equipment. You need firm control over spare parts, sub-parts, and holistic equipment overviews, in many cases across different depots or locations. Fixed asset management is complex and needs to fit with overall financial management. Service and maintenance requirements come in all shapes and sizes, from pre-sales inspections to corrective maintenance. And of course you need to be able to work with the latest technologies to optimize equipment usage and lifecycles.

DynaRent Equipment Management delivers rich dealer and asset management software to fully support all these needs. Graphical dashboards and configurable processes give you automation and insight that spans operations, financials, and analytics. You can work seamlessly with advanced service management capabilities, including maintenance and resource planning, mobile field service, and readiness for the Internet of Things.

DynaRent Equipment Management is part of a modular solutions suite that’s designed to meet multi-industry needs for equipment rental, leasing and services. Choose what you need now, and then add capabilities at any time. All modules integrate fully with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX to work as a complete, industry-specific business system. Our approach gives you one solution that adapts to new market trends and revenue opportunities. Name your requirement and it’s likely that we can meet it, while saving time and money for implementation and upgrades.

Asset Management Software


Top Asset Management Challenges for Equipment Rental and Dealership Businesses


Manage diverse equipment service and resource needs with rich overviews and automation


Comply with pre- and post-delivery inspections for diverse rental, sales, and customer scenarios


Connect front-office and back-office operations and financials for equipment selling


Incorporate fixed asset management for equipment into business financials


Ensure you procure the right equipment at the right time


Equip field resources with mobility solutions that work seamlessly with ERP


Leverage the Internet of Things to optimize equipment usage and service

Functional Areas

DynaRent Equipment Management:

Equipment Procurement

An end-to-end procurement process for vehicles, other goods, and parts spans quotes through post-delivery inspections and invoice and payment.


Equipment Lifecycle Management

Manage equipment lifecycles with connected processes that ensure information is current and accurate for:

  • Selection and purchase
  • Operational usage: rental, transport, services, repair, modifications
  • Financial usage: fixed asset activation/deactivation, depreciations, net book value corrections, acquisition adjustments
  • Sales and after sales service that retains full lifecycle service history

Trade-in equipment

Incorporate customer trades of used goods as payment when leasing or selling new items or upgrades.


Fixed Asset Management

From financial activation through periodic depreciation and scrapping or sale of fixed assets, DynaRent offers configurable, automated processes that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics financials and align with equipment lifecycle management.


Equipment Selling

Integrate front- and back-end operations and financials for equipment sales:

  • Pre-delivery service and inspection
  • Transport to customer site
  • Post-delivery inspection
  • Customer Invoicing

Pre-owned equipment

Efficiently manage different versions of the same equipment. Minimize errors and duplicate data input by re-using characteristics such as measurements and technical specifications. Incorporate differences that align with version status, including different maintenance intervals and requirements, pricing, and warranty periods.


Bulk asset registration

Just like serialized equipment, DynaRent supports end-to-end operations and financials for bulk. Bulk equipment that exists also as a fixed asset can be registered and quantities updated in combination with values and fixed assets.


Object Configuration

Manage equipment with sub-parts as a single object or as individual objects that may be used for other equipment. DynaRent tracks all objects and how and when they’re being used or will be available. Financials and operations for all objects are fully integrated with Dynamics. With full insight into service and maintenance requirements for equipment and sub-parts, planners can coordinate and schedule accurately, minimizing downtime and overhead.



Standard, configurable inspection processes for pre-delivery, post-rental, and post-rental or sale improve quality control, planning, and operations for equipment and services.


Pre-delivery inspections

Meet requirements that equipment works as expected before delivering to customer with pre-delivery inspection processes and documentation.


Preventive Maintenance

Auto-generate work orders triggered by time-based (periodic/forecasted) or consumption-based variables that align with scenario and maintenance plan. variables) Set up batch jobs for time-based maintenance. Enable auto or manual registration of meter values for consumption.


Corrective Maintenance

Using MRP tools, configure preventive or pre-emptive maintenance to minimize unpredictable service requests, and quickly generate ad-hoc work orders with assurance that all information stays within your business system and customer records.


Delayed Maintenance

Automated, configurable prompts and alerts ensure timely, relevant execution for service and maintenance tasks that are registered to equipment but delayed due to issues such as time constraints, not urgent status, spare parts availability, and others.


Life Cycle Management

Manage end-to-end Equipment lifecycles seamlessly, from inital purchase selection through final sale.


Key Benefits

DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics
Unified Innovation

  • 1. Work with graphical, interactive overviews of all equipment across locations
  • 2. Improve service efficiency with proactive insight
  • 3. Send and receive data and workflows anywhere, on any device
  • 4. Ensure timely, accurate execution with graphical planning tools
  • 5. Equip employees for excellence with role-based data and intuitive UI
  • 6. Speed implementation and setup with DynaRent and Dynamics integration
  • 7. Collaborate 24/7 and expand IT channels with open-platform integration
  • 8. Quickly create reports and analyses that help your equipment-driven business
  • 9. Incorporate the Internet of Things and transform efficiency and utilization
  • 10. Eliminate paper trails and errors with automated communications management
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