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Consumer rental

Tool Rental Software. Top consumer rental trends follow retail trends—are you ready?

Tool Rental Software

The consumer retail landscape now includes rental as a very feasible option to outright purchase. Both B2B and B2C customers rent tools, appliances, furniture, and equipment for individual and industrial use. If you’re a commercial equipment rental or dealer this smaller-scale, specialized niche should be as available to you as it is to a company whose primary focus is consumer-level rental or retail. And if your focus is at the consumer level, then you should still be able to take advantage of software that is enterprise-class.

Our DynaRent solutions enable businesses to manage key retail rental requirements with standard capabilities that can be easily tailored to custom needs. You have everything you need to quickly generate rental orders and handle prepayments before delivery. You’ll be able to smoothly manage insurance and damage waivers when rentals are returned, and work with all flavors of settlement based on consumption. DynaRent also supports a multi-channel approach to consumer rental that mirrors the latest retail trends. You can manage the full rental lifecycle via physical locations, websites and web sops, apps—from POS to complex invoice bundles, DynaRent has you covered. You can also manage all service, maintenance, and transport for goods. Equally important, you can interface easily with partners, suppliers, and other third parties at the systems level, thanks to an open platform and rich integration with ERP.

DynaRent delivers a modular design that lets you select the solution or solutions you need now, and then add capabilities at any time. All modules integrate fully with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX to work as part of a tailored ERP system. Our approach eliminates the need for multiple implementations and overlapping functionality, saving time and money. At the same time, we combine the simplicity of standardization and the ability to quickly meet changing business and industry needs.

Tool Rental Software


Top Challenges for consumer rental companies


Gain full financial and operational insight into all rental assets


Quickly create and process rental quotes and orders, including direct payments


Speed delivery inspections with mobile solutions


Quickly adapt to new trends for rental offerings and options


Rent at depots, online, or via mobile apps


Improve availability with graphical views of equipment across locations


Leverage IoT and cloud analytics to optimize usage and identify new customers


Make service efficiency and quality a top reason customers come to you


Collaborate with other businesses while keeping full control over data


Expand cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Functional Areas

The functional areas within the consumer rental industry are:

Tool Rental (POS)

Manage B2C and B2C tool rental with flexible capabilities that enable customers to rent and even pick up equipment directly, then pay up-front or after the rental period via a POS system.


Serialized Rental

Manage end-to-end logistics for small and large equipment, including purchase, servicing, rental, and scrap. Organize transporation to best accommodate equipment size and business needs. Graphical overviews offer quick, real-time visibility into equipment availability per depot.


Bulk Rental

Successfuly manage all logistics for large—even enormous–volumes of equipment, including purchase, service, rental, and scrap. Leverage sophisticated transport management and graphical planning boards to process in-house picking of sales and rental and sales equipment and route optimization. DynaRent also optimizes bulk rental operations with quick, real-time visibility into availability per depot and always-current financial information.


Rental/Sales Kits

Build kits for scenarios where one item is rented out with other optional, recommended or mandatory items, with the ability to process and invoice as one rental.


Preventive Maintenance

Auto-generate work orders triggered by time-based (periodic/forecasted) or consumption-based variables that align with scenario and maintenance plan. variables) Set up batch jobs for time-based maintenance. Enable auto or manual registration of meter values for consumption.


Corrective Maintenance

Using MRP tools, configure preventive or pre-emptive maintenance to minimize unpredictable service requests, and quickly generate ad-hoc work orders with assurance that all information stays within your business system and customer records.


Equipment Procurement

An end-to-end procurement process for vehicles, other goods, and parts spans quotes through post-delivery inspections and invoice and payment.


Equipment Selling

Integrate front- and back-end operations and financials for equipment sales:

  • Pre-delivery service and inspection
  • Transport to customer site
  • Post-delivery inspection
  • Customer Invoicing

Life Cycle Management

Manage end-to-end Equipment lifecycles seamlessly, from inital purchase selection through final sale.


Business Intelligence

Quickly access decision-making insight. DynaRent offers configurable cubes for utilization, rental finance, and service and maintenance. Leverage Microsoft Power BI and third-party BI solutions for even richer analytics that add value to rental and services and ERP.


Transport Planning

A graphical transport board enables real-time scheduling and changes for transporation for your own or third-party equipment from one location to another. Functionality includes automated release of transport tasks to the right driver at the right time, ensuring accurate and efficient execution.


Graphical Dashboards

Gain full insight and control for lease offerings, financials, service and transport resources, financials, fleet management, and more with graphical overviews that drill into granular details.


B2C and B2B Rental

Work within one environment to handle both B2C and B2B rental offerings and agreements.


Configurable Interfaces

Quickly configure interfaces with third-party or customer-facing tools, networks, and websites. Lease Management also includes predefined, flexible interface templates for entities involved in purchase, delivery, public services, insurance, damages, collections, license registration, and service and repair.


Mobile Field Services

Remote field techs use preferred devices for work orders, customer documents, and changes received in real time from DynaRent. Features include configurable workflows and screens, offline/auto sync, drag-and-drop across DynaRent and devices, readiness for IoT, M2M, and augmented reality.


Key Benefits

DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics
Unified Innovation

  • 1. Work with graphical, interactive overviews of all equipment across locations
  • 2. Improve service efficiency with proactive insight
  • 3. Send and receive data and workflows anywhere, on any device
  • 4. Ensure timely, accurate execution with graphical planning tools
  • 5. Equip employees for excellence with role-based data and intuitive UI
  • 6. Speed implementation and setup with DynaRent and Dynamics integration
  • 7. Collaborate 24/7 and expand IT channels with open-platform integration
  • 8. Quickly create reports and analyses that help your equipment-driven business
  • 9. Incorporate the Internet of Things and transform efficiency and utilization
  • 10. Eliminate paper trails and errors with automated communications management
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